About us

Our rehabilitation clinic provides variety of rehabilitation therapies for outpatient clients suffering from myoskeletal disorders of miscellaneous origin.

  •  All accute and chronic pain conditions of spine / low back pain , cervical  pain /, joints , muscles and soft tissue dysfunctions.
  •  Postoperative conditions/joint replacement, surgery on disc herniation/and various after injury conditions.
  •  Rehabilitation of the stroke patient.
  •  Childhood diseases - e.f. cerebral palsy , scoliosis.
  •  Neurological impairment due to infection, injury /facial palsy, radial palsy, fibular palsy, impairment of nerve bundles/.
  •  Psychosomatic impairment, chronic fatigue syndrom, tetanic syndrom.

After a thorough examintaion and evaluation a very own specific program is defined to increase the effect of the therapy.